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ThorTurf riding arena

ThorTurf… The Ultimate Synthetic Horse Footing

ThorTurf has revolutionized the horse footing industry with the most advanced break-through in synthetic dustless footing technology. ThorTurf features our premiere DLA (Dust Lock Additive) Polymer technology, designed to provide years of dust-free riding. ThorTurf offers lasting protection from dust-borne respiratory irritation for both horse and rider.

Create a Clean, Pristine Riding Facility with ThorTurf

Your entire facility will benefit from the Dust-Free environment provided by ThorTurf. Floors, walls, ceilings, horses, riders, saddles/tack, stall areas, wash down areas, lobbies, offices and more will remain clean and pristine.

ThorTurf provides all of this without the costly need for constant watering. ThorTurf never requires watering.

ThorTurf is Available in Four Quality-Engineered Blends

Each Features Cutting-Edge, Wax-Free Synthetic Polymer Technology


Setting the industry standard for premium arena horse footing


Multi-purpose arena footing


Horse arena footing engineered specifically for western riding disciplines


Next generation synthetic footing for race tracks

Safer, Cushioned Riding Surface
Indoor & Outdoor Use
Jumping on ThorTurf arena footing indoor

Discover the ThorTurf Advantage

  • ThorTurf provides a safer, cushioned riding surface, resulting in long-term benefits for both horse and rider.
  • ThorTurf’s proprietary, dust-lock technology provides years of high air quality and cleanliness throughout your equine facility.
  • ThorTurf provides better stability and less stress on the horse’s legs and joints, which helps prevent soft-tissue damage, lameness, and other injuries.
  • ThorTurf remains consistent in both hot and cold environments. ThorTurf’s unique, proprietary chemical makeup maintains resiliency in freezing temperatures while ensuring consistency at elevated temperatures.
  • All ThorTurf blends are formulated for both indoor and outdoor use.

ThorTurf Synthetic Footing is Engineered for Multiple Equestrian Disciplines and Facilities

Race Tracks
ThorTurf riding arena
Arenas / Round Pens

… and more

ThorTurf Horse Arena Footing is Ideal for Multiple Applications

  • All types of Arenas
  • Training Tracks
  • Round Pens/Walkers
  • Race Tracks
  • Horse Trails
  • Paddocks and More
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