Horse Arena Base Stabilizer

ThorTurf Base Stabilizer

Spray-Applied Binding Agent for Base Materials

ThorTurf  Base Stabilizer is a spray-applied binding agent engineered to lock down the surface layer of arena base materials. Arena Base Stabilizer helps prevent migration of loose base materials upward and into the ThorTurf footing material.

NOTE: ThorTurf Base Stabilizer is a recommended option when installing ThorTurf. ThorTurf can be applied over base materials without the use of ThorTurf Base Stabilizer as long as the base materials are tightly compacted and secured in-place.

ThorTurf Base Stabilizer is a concentrated synthetic polymer emulsion that is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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ThorTurf Base Stabilizer Application

Prior to application:

Ensure that base materials are levelled and compacted.

Step 1

ThorTurf Base Stabilizer is a concentrated polymer emulsion designed to be diluted with water prior to spray application. Simply dilute ThorTurf Base Stabilizer with water (1 part ThorTurf Stabilizer to 4 parts water) and apply with a sprayer. Sprayers used to apply water onto arena surfaces typically work well for this purpose.

Step 2

Apply diluted Base Stabilizer solution liberally over base materials. You want to generously soak the base material allowing the Base Stabilizer Solution to soak in and penetrate into the base materials. Typical application rate of diluted solution is 20-30 square feet per gallon.

Step 3

Allow ThorTurf Base Stabilizer and base material to dry completely before installing ThorTurf Footing. This could take up to several days on indoor arenas in humid conditions. Optimizing air flow in arena (opening doors, turning on fans, etc.) will speed up the drying time of ThorTurf Base Stabilizer. Turning up the heat, if possible, will also expedite drying.

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On Thorturf Base Stabilizer

Estimating Amount of ThorTurf Base Stabilizer Needed

One gallon of ThorTurf Base Stabilizer concentrate is needed for every 100 to 125 square feet of arena surface. Example: Arena size of 200 feet x 100 feet = 20,000 square feet. 20,000 square feet ÷ 100 square feet = 200 gallons of ThorTurf Base Stabilizer needed. You will then combine the 200 gallons of Base Stabilizer with 800 gallons of water (1:4 ratio) to make 1,000 gallons of diluted ThorTurf Base Stabilizer that is ready to spray. The entire 1,000 gallons of solution would then be applied to the 20,000 square feet of arena base material and allowed to thoroughly dry and harden before installing ThorTurf Footing.

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