Equine Footing Innovators

About ThorTurf 

ThorTurf… The Ultimate in Equine Footing

The ThorTurf division of ThorWorks Industries has embraced equine footing innovation for over 15 years. With the backing of ThorWorks Industries, a global leader in pavement products and sport surfaces for over 50 years, ThorTurf has emerged as the industry’s most advanced horse footing technology available today.

ThorTurf is dedicated to providing equine enthusiasts with the best possible riding surface, whether you’re competing at the highest levels or riding for enjoyment.

The ThorTurf Science

ThorTurf Equestrian Surfaces are engineered to be the industry’s most elite synthetic footing. Forward-thinking research led to the creation of new, wax-free Dust Lock Additive (DLA) polymer technology, created specifically for the development of ThorTurf. Proprietary DLA polymer technology, combined with specifically graded mineral aggregate and polymeric synthetic fibers results in the most durable, high-performance footing available. These ingredients combine to create a quality turf that performs consistently year after year, through seasonal changes, from extreme cold to extreme heat.

The ultimate experience for the riding enthusiast, ThorTurf Equestrian Surfaces are the hallmark of the footing industry.

The ThorTurf Advantage

ThorTurf strikes the delicate balance between compression and rebound for maximum stability. Consistent results, matched with lasting color and beauty, elevate ThorTurf to the forefront of the premium footing industry.

ThorTurf is available in a variety of blends to meet your specific equestrian surfacing needs. Created for both indoor and outdoor use, ThorTurf is formulated for quick drainage, freeze resistance, and requires no watering.

Our dedicated commitment to quality and safety means ThorTurf Equestrian Surfaces are virtually dust free. Less dust means better air quality for both rider and horse, and maintaining cleaner arenas and facilities. The more giving surface provides better stability and less stress on the horse’s legs and joints, which helps prevent soft-tissue damage, lameness, and other injuries. These benefits combine to provide the ultimate experience in protection and enjoyment.

Benefits of ThorTurf Horse Arena Footing

  • Dust Free
  • Optimum Impact Resistance
  • No Watering
  • Freeze Resistant
  • Wax-Free
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast Draining
  • Easy Installation
  • Lasting Durability
  • And More!

ThorTurf Footing Manufacturing

ThorTurf arena footings are manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility in Sandusky, Ohio. RaceTurf, for race tracks, is produced on site with our mobile RaceTurf production equipment.

Customer Support Solutions

The ThorTurf staff is available to guide and assist you with selecting the riding surface that best serves your equestrian surfacing preferences and expectations.

Equine Family of Brands

Our passion and dedication to the equine industry extends beyond the ThorTurf brand to include Tenda Horse Products, FarmPaint Agricultural Coatings and ThorSport Farm.

Which ThorTurf Horse Footing is Right for you?

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