Premium Horse Arena Footing

Fibered ThorTurf

…Setting the Standard for Premium Arena Footing

Fibered ThorTurf… The Optimum Surface

Fibered ThorTurf strikes the delicate balance between Cushioning, Impact Firmness and Slide that is required to provide the optimum surface for multiple equine disciplines and sports including Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Training, Eventing and more.

Setting the Industry Standard For Premium Arena Horse Footing

Fibered ThorTurf Resources

“Exceptional” Horse Footing

Fibered ThorTurf rates “Exceptional” when tested in accordance with ASTM F3400 Standard Test Method of Functional Properties of Synthetic Artificial Equine Surfaces.

Fibered ThorTurf ensures optimal footing by excelling at the 5 main criteria for effective equine footing: Cushioning, Firmness, Grip, Responsiveness and Uniformity. These criteria affect the entire riding experience including limb-loading, surface support and give, hoof movement during landing, turning, pushing off and surface consistency over time.

Fibered ThorTurf provides better stability and less stress on the horse’s legs and joints, which helps prevent soft tissue damage, lameness, and other injuries.

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On Fibered Thorturf

Footing to Stand the Test of Time

Fibered ThorTurf provides dust-free, cushioned riding for years to come while maintaining surface consistency in both hot and cold environments. 

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